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Coffee and tea
Coffee and tea

Our story


The story of Amsterdam Wiechmann Hotel


 Amsterdam Wiechmann Hotel was founded in the 1940s by our grandfather, Johann Heinrich Wiechmann, at number 328 on the Prinsengracht. In the years that followed, the family added another house to 328, which was originally a coal storage facility, at number 330.

The last building that was added on the corner of the Looiersgracht on 332, has the nicest rooms located in the hotel. There you will also find our breakfast room, which is claimed to be located at one of the most beautiful corners of Amsterdam. Over the years the family has decorated the hotel with private collections, because they considered the hotel as their own home.

Amsterdam Wiechmann Hotel is happy to provide you with all information about Amsterdam, whether touristic, business or otherwise. For additional travel information and cheap taxi rides to Schiphol Airport, you can request information at the front office. Near the hotel, you will find a public car park and several public transport options.

As a representative of the third generation of our family in the Amsterdam Wiechmann Hotel, I will do my best to make you feel at home in our hotel as all those who have gone before you.


John Boddy

Company director